Martin Leff-Cinthus


Jacqueline Four was accepted at the Prince Street Gallery Fifth National Juried Show.
Reception June 23rd from 3Pm to 6PM
Exhibit Dates June 19th to July Seventh
Audrey Johnson Show put up a video of my father.


"To Ignite the enthusiasm of others to reach their creative Aspirations or Aspirations--Creatively is that for which I stand" (Circa 1985 myself).

If the art I have created 'ignites' your enthusiasm to feel 'creative' in your life-pursuits and has inspired you in projects of creation, be it any of the arts or sciences, I have done my job.

Through the decades of my creating visual art, thiere have been many changes in my life. Hence my art reflects these changes. The consequence of this is that my art is executed in different styles.

The art spans a period from the 1950's to the present.

The first phase has been created from the 1950's to 1967 using the signature 'M. Leff' or 'MHLeff'

April 27, 1967 is the date of the completion of the last painting I ever did as 'Martin H. Leff' It is called 'Orpheus in the Forest' done in the pre-Raphealite style 6 feet long and four inches wide.

Upon the completion of the painting 'Orpheus in the Forest,' I altered my signature. In the world of the performing arts, I am known as Harold Cinthus. The name is derived from Hyacinthus, the legendary lover of Apollo. From 1967 until 1986 paintings were signed, Leff-Cinthus.

From 1986 to the present, the signature for my art has been Cinthus

May my art-work inspire you in your lives and what you do in them.

                                                                                Sincerely, the artist
                                                                                Martin H. Leff-Cinthus
                                                                                21-66 33rd RD., Apt. 8D
                                                                                LIC., NY. 11106